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New Swimwear Blog

After going through my extensive photo library, especially those I’ve set aside for Athletic Supporter, I noticed a hugely disproportionate mass of swimwear photos and thought jokingly to myself, “Man, that’s enough for an entire new blog!”

Long story short, when a good idea hits, it hits. Therefore I introduce the newest Adonis Complex genre blog, Swim Meat (blog title courtesy my boyfriend, who helpfully chimed in when I found myself uncharacteristically unable to think of a sufficient pun), devoted to all things wet and wonderful (all creatures great and small, too)! Check it out, bookmark it, add it to your routine, and enjoy!



Sunday Switcheroos

As you may know if you’ve visited Adonis Complex or one of the other blogs today, this is a cross-promotional Sunday for the Adonis Complex blogs! While at the main blog you will find a rundown of each of the many places of goodness set out for you on the web, each of the four main genre blogs will be “performed in the style,” if you will, not only of itself but also of one of the other blogs. Think of the time the CSI writers switched jobs with the Two and a Half Men writers for an episode…except SEXIER!

Here’s your treat from Athletic Supporter for today, in the style of MANochrome!


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Super Sunday Spectacular! A Special Holiday Kickoff

Hey all! Hope everyone (Stateside, that is) has been having a nice holiday weekend. As you may have noticed (I like to think someone might have), I took a few days off for the holiday.

But never fear: in the spirit of the season of giving, I’ll make my vacation absence up to you – and then some – with a Super Sunday Spectacular: supersized posts of photos selected exclusively from my personal favorites – on all four of the Adonis Complex blogs! (Read more about this oh so fun day of seasonal benevolence here.)

Whether you’re jonesing for some sports-themed hotness at Athletic Supporter, the thrill of a man in uniform at Uniform Follows Function, the black-and-white classic beauty of MANochrome, or the always aesthetically pleasing array of handsome and hunky men at the original Adonis Complex, you’ll be more than taken care of today!

So enjoy this Super Holiday Sunday, and stop back throughout the day…this special is so big it’s going to be rolled out in segments! Enjoy, bookmark, tell your friends, become a Facebook fan, follow Adonis Complex on Twitter, and stop by again! And again!

Oh yeah, Ryan, I’m stoked too!

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