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Bowl Season

So how is everyone doing on your NCAA Football Bowl Game Predictions so far? I used to enjoy competing against my much more sports-aware brother and uncle to guess the winners of that year’s seemingly endless number of Bowl Games, especially because no amount of skill or prognostication seemed to give anyone an advantage, all of us usually ending up within one or two of one another.

Tebow the Douche

This year I’m taking the year off, and not just because my beloved USC Trojans are playing a bullshit bowl (The Emerald Bowl…isn’t that one of the ones that used to be named something far less legit-sounding, like our perennial favorite, the late Bowl?) I don’t even remember who we’re playing, nor who will be playing for the “National Championship” or the other big BCS bowls, except that Jesus H. Tebow went down, “butterface” Colt McCoy did too, and Oregon’s ugly green uniforms will be only the second worst thing to play at the Rose Bowl this year (second, of course, to the Bruins).

Actually I take back what I said about McCoy; while that certianly used to be the case, he’s undergone a slow and slight metamorphosis over the years:


Wait, almost cute.

Hello upper arms 🙂


Oh well. Until next year when the Trojans, by then no longer a bunch of freshmen and rookies (I mean honestly, let’s give them a bit of a chance to go through puberty!), reclaim our comfortable spot at the top, offering these thoughts and their accompanying visual aids are about as involved with football I plan to be for the remainder of this dismal season. But isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen in jock strap and shoulder pads since Cade McNown?

Matt Barkley, USC Quarterback