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B- B- B- Bummer on the Jets

Oh, Mark Sanchez. I’ve supported you for so long, through sexual assault allegations and fourth quarter second-string showings and nail-biter after nail-biter at USC, continuing on to your rookie season with the New York Jets. And you almost pulled it off, too! But your fairytale run for the Super Bowl in your very first season finally came up against the ugly reality that is Peyton Manning and the Colts (and I do mean ugly…I think there should be a law that quarterbacks are required to be attractive, which would unfortunately rule out Mr. Manning, nice as he may be) in the AFC championship game.

Oh well…you still vindicated my opinion that you’d done the right thing in leaving for the NFL a year early, and you’re still adorable as all get-out! So, sorry tiger, but you’ll get those Colts next year!

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Soc It To Me

So with David Beckham gone from our shores, and no well-known eye candy poster boy on the level of Cristiano Ronaldo to call our own, what (if anything) do you think could be done to save soccer as a spectator sport in the USA? Or is it doomed (for men at least) to be relegated to Saturday morning AYSO meets for the 5-17 year old set and then a life of frustration or a one-way trip to Europe?

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Just Keep Swimming

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Passing the Bar

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Biiiicycle, Biiiiicycle

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A Speedo Rainbow

Now what do you suppose you’d find at the end of THAT?!

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