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3-Fer Friday

All right folks, yesterday on Adonis Complex I mentioned my excitement about the impending release of Britney’s new video for her latest #1 hit, “3,” accompanied by a set of rather thematically relevant shots of hot male trios.

Well guess what… the video is AWESOME. I could devote an entire entry just to its awesomeness (but I won’t…that’s what my huge upcoming blog project is for…more details on that to come if anyone cares).

And just to show how flipping fantastic I think it really is, I hereby declare today to be another day of “3;” and not just here on Athletic Supporter, but also on Adonis Complex and its newest spinoff photoblog, Uniform Follows Function. Enjoy the sheer inundation of pecs, biceps, abs, and Britney freakin’ Spears hitting us, baby, ONE MORE TIME! (See the video here.)

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Basketball Jones

As the Phillies and Yankees wind up the predictable baseball season, a similarly predictable sports season has just begun to make up for it. Yes, it’s time for the Lakers to flaunt their typical dominance (and time for me to really focus on football), so here’s a little tribute to our newly arrived winter sport.

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Phuck the Phillies

Since this Dodger fan no longer cares about the baseball postseason, I figured I’d find something entertaining about the World Series anywhere I could. Viola.

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On the Pitch

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Welcome to Athletic Supporter, a new collection of the hottest photos of hunky athletes and other such sports-related deliciousness. This is a genre offering as an offshoot of Adonis Complex, my original photoblog, which is really starting to hit its stride! So be sure to stop by there as well as this new blog gets some finishing touches.

Let me know your idea in the poll located in the menu on the right, or any time in the comments or email areas! Enjoy!


Diamonds Are Forever

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In the Locker Room

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